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Intersea Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 marine research and environmental education agency founded in 1976. It is operated by director and founder Cynthia D'Vincent. The work of the Intersea organization has evolved as a combination of marine mammal research projects and education (with participant tuition funding the work) and contracted use of the organization's vessels by government and other contracting agencies. Field work has been conducted in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Mexico, the Marquesas Islands, the Bering, Chuckchi, and Beaufort Seas, and Nikumaroro in the Southern Hemisphere. Cynthia D'Vincent with camera

Intersea Foundation Mission Statement
To create diverse educational opportunities to affect and influence public attitudes by developing a greater awareness of the sea, its inhabitants, and themselves through:

  • Sea-based
    • hands-on learning
    • increasing knowledge and understanding of cetaceans
    • learning rudiments of marine science
    • instruction in natural history and environmental awareness
    • introduction to seamanship and navigation

  • Land-based
    • presentations
    • exhibits
    • school programs
    • educational materials

  • Publications
    • scientific and lay articles
    • audio CDs, books, CD-ROMs, photographic images
    • films, video, television

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