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Cynthia D'Vincent Cynthia D'Vincent
Cynthia D'Vincent

"Cynthia D'Vincent has lived with the whales, and for the whales, voyaging with them year after year. Her goal has been to learn as much as possible about them, and to share her knowledge with the world. More than a scientist, Cynthia is also an explorer, experiencing high adventure, and calmly confronting danger. She is an authority, one of the few in the world, who is producing answers to these behavioral puzzles. Her work is as vital and as important as what has been done elsewhere on chimpanzees and gorillas."
           -Jim Fowler, President of Explorers' Club,
            Star of Wild Animal Kingdom


Each of these subjects alone holds wide appeal to diverse audiences, yet the presentations of Cynthia D'Vincent are about a life filled with all of these elements. Her pursuit of knowledge concerning the great whales is the framework for the stories. Cynthia presents her research on the great whales with an open, humorous approach. She describes their complex behaviors in a non-pedantic manner, and captivates the audience through personal encounters to bring a more intimate level of understanding to these magnificent animals.

Former owner of two famous classic ships, she has sailed sometimes as much as 20,000 miles a year in pursuit of her studies. Her adventures of a life at sea and what it takes to live "this dream" have been widely chronicled and are enjoyed by armchair and ocean-going sailors alike.

These lectures are integrated with a multimedia presentation consisting of audio and visual elements.

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